Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is spring here yet?

Hi! I know, I know.... it has been forever since I've updated.

We are ready for spring or summer which ever gets here first. We had a week of good weather before it got cold again so we got a little taste of outdoors. Hopefully it won't be much longer where we can just spend the whole day playing outside.

So here is what I am thinking about today. This past weekend we went to buy the kids some spring clothes and I realized how much bigger Brody is. The girls wear a size 4 shoe whereas Monster Brody wears a size 8 wide. Yeah we can't go to Walmart or Target for his big feet. I have found that Nike, New Balance, and DCs work the best for him.

Can you tell the difference????

My mom visited last week and we took some pictures so I thought I would share them. My grandparents were here a couple of days and I want to be sure to have some pictures of them with the kids on here. I think it is awesome that they are still around and healthy enough to get to know and enjoy their great-grand kids :)