Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Very Tired!

Wow!!! I am so tired. BUT having so much fun. I just wish Savannah was here with us. Hopefully it won't be too long. She still isn't eating very well. She takes about half of her bottle and they gavage the other half. It doesn't seem to be improving at all. The doctors tell me not to worry, that it will come in her own time. It is hard for me to just sit back and say o.k. Anyway Cheyenne and Brody are doing great. They are sleeping together in one crib and they seem to love it. They were both really fussy earlier today so I put them real close and they seemed to sooth each other to sleep. It was really cute. We also got our first home health care visit. She just came in and listened to them, weighed them, and checked their oxygen levels. She said that when she comes back on Monday she will call an hour before she gets here so I can turn their oxygen down and she can see if they are ready for that when she get here. It is really hard to care for two babies on oxygen. Not only that, but Brody is also on an apnea monitor so they are not very mobile. We wanted them to sleep in our room with us, but it so hard to move them to feed during the night. Brandon and I are taking shifts during the night to feed. We just do every other feed and that way we get about 4 straight hours a sleep at a time. It seems to be working, but he goes back to work on Monday so we'll see.

Brody is a monster! He weighs 8lbs 5oz. We have a lot of newborn clothes that he barely fits in now. Oh well, I am happy that he is gaining weight so well. Cheyenne and Savannah weigh 6lbs 5oz. Brody is a whole 2lbs bigger than his sisters. He looks about twice their size.

Here are some pictures....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We have 2

babies home now. We just got home with Brody. He is doing great and sleeping next to Cheyenne. It is so exciting and sad. I hated leaving little Savannah in the NICU all by herself. She is doing good. The put her in a toddler bed and she looks like a princess in the penthouse. It is so cute. They are trying to see if she needs to sit up more because they think she my be refluxing. Hopefully we will all be home before to long. We will post some pictures soon.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Having a Blast

Oh my goodness, we are having so much fun. Well in between the worrying anyway. Cheyenne is doing great, but she doesn't like to wake up to eat. She has done pretty well until today. I'm sure she'll be fine, but I can't help but worry. Savannah use to eat pretty good and then just one day she decided she didn't want to anymore. I know I am probably overreacting, but Cheyenne hasn't pooped either. We went to her first pediatrician appointment this morning and the doctor told us to give it another day before we intervene. She hasn't pooped since the night we brought her home. I check on her like ever 15 minutes just to make sure she is breathing. I am going to drive myself crazy!

These three angels are our miracle babies and I am grateful for every second I get to spend with them. I never under estimated how hard having a new born is, but I never realized the depth of that. I read another triplet mom's blog and she explained how wonderful it is to get to bring a new born home and how we get to do it three times. We are going to pick up Brody tomorrow and we are so excited. It is going to be as new and as wonderful as with Cheyenne. And then in a week or so we get to do it one more time with Savannah. It is the most amazing experience I have ever had.

So I have another issue, I don't know what stroller(s) to buy. I have to buy something soon. Cheyenne and Brody are both on oxygen and Brody is also on a monitor. There is a lot to loading these babies up to go to the doctor. So I don't know if I should by a twin and a single stroller, or if I should by the triple decker. They are all so expensive I just want to make the right decision. Any suggestions?

Can you believe I am bringing an 8lb baby home tomorrow. Yes, Brody weighs 8lbs 2ozs. He is eating 2 to 3 ounces every 2 hours. I don't know how I am going to be able to get him fed fast enough when they all get home. He is very demanding too. When he is hungry he screams and cries very loudly. It's crazy how different their personalities already are. Wow this is unbelievable!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

first sleepless night

We got to enjoy having Cheyenne home for the first night! She did very well. It was Michele and I that had a hard time. Every little noise she would make we both would jump up and see if she was okay. We just couldn't help it. I was so excited to have one of them home that I never did feel real tired, so I took the first shift and Michele finally could let go enough to go to sleep about midnight. Then it wasn't long that I started to feel the sandman putting me to sleep. I went to bed about 3 am and Michele got up and took over. As of now, she still hasn't gone back to bed, because I had to go into work at 6 am and by the time I got back Michele has caught her second wind. We are sure that we will get better at this, but it will be a new experience each time get another baby comes home.

We were expecting to get Brody home this afternoon, but when we called the NICU to check on Savannah and Brody, the nurse told us that Brody dropped his heart rate for a few seconds this morning down to 58. It was self resolved, but they doctors said that they were going to monitor him for 3 days. So as upsetting as it is, he wont get to come home at least until Monday. We understand, but we had gotten our hopes up! Brody just didn't want to leave Savannah there all by herself.

Savannah still hasn't started eating good enough to come home. The nurses are going to try a couple of different things to maybe help her, but as of now we still don't have any idea of when she will be coming home.

Brody: 7 lbs 11.7 oz
Savannah: 6 lbs 1.1 oz
Cheyenne's coming home weight: 6 lbs 0 oz

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cheyenne is the 1st...

to come home. Can you believe it? The smallest one is the one coming home TODAY! Brody and Cheyenne were suppose to be coming home today, but Brody has to wait to get his eyes checked one more time before they will let him come home. That is suppose to happen tomorrow and we are suppose to be able to go pick him up around 4 or 5. Oh I am so excited.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Almost Home

We are almost there. It won't be long now until we will have babies in our home. I am so excited I can't stand it. Brody is still eating like a champ and he could be home by Wednesday. We are just waiting for his eye exam before they will discharge him. The surgeon released him today. He will keep the reservoir in because there is no reason to go in and get it if it isn't causing any problems. Cheyenne is real close too. She is taking all her feedings from the bottle. She has to go 48hrs before they will let her come home. She also had that spell on Friday so it would be 5 days from then also. But if Cheyenne does well for the next 36 hours then they are going to send Cheyenne and Brody home together this weekend. Savannah on the other hand is being quite stubborn (just like her daddy). She just won't finish her bottles. She doesn't get tired because as we are finishing her feeding in her feeding tube she is wide awake (usually) and going to town on her binky. I just don't get it. Maybe after her brother and sister go home she will realize that she needs to hook up so she can come home too.

I have had all kinds of good news today. I have a high school friend who I love and miss terribly. She moved to Dallas before we graduated and we lost contact. Stacey, I am so glad to hear you are back in NM and I am dying to see you again. I can't wait to give you and your beautiful daughter a hug. Oh and I wouldn't mind meeting the man who got you to "settle down". Love ya girl!

I will keep everyone updated about our homecoming. Please pray that everything goes smooth and we get some baby love in our home soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Go Brody Go

Brody is eating like a champ. He has taken all his feedings from the bottle today. They have decided to let him sleep until he wakes up hungry. He was on a every three hour feeding schedule, but this seems to be working. He took 80cc's every three and half hours. Please Lord let him keep going strong. Dr Marschaund (his head dr) has been on vacation for two weeks, but his team hasn't had to tap his reservoir in a month. He will be back on Monday and we will find out what our next step will be. That will be the determining factor of when our big guy can come home. He weighs 7lbs 3oz. Cheyenne is eating good, but we are taking it slow for her. Savannah has back stepped a little, but she will get it! Cheyenne weighs 5lbs 8oz and Savannah weighs 5lbs 9oz.

Cheyenne's spell

The triplets are doing good! Brody has hit the 7 lbs mark and he is eating 80 cc's from a bottle. He is still on oxygen, and still once and a while gets tired and has to be fed from his feeding tube. Cheyenne gave a huge scare yesterday. Her heart rate dropped really really low as did her oxygen level. It was so bad they had to help her breath with an air bag for about 3 minutes. She is fine now and they have been able to come down on her oxygen again after turning it up while she was struggling. It just shows that they still are immature, and not quite ready for this world yet. Then this morning she has ate all of her food out of the last 4 bottles they have fed her. So her little spell didn't set her back and that is great news. Savannah is doing well still. Off her oxygen and still feeding from a bottle, but she still isn't able to eat all of her food every time.

Savannah is 5 lbs 8 oz, Cheyenne is 5 lbs 7 oz, and Brody is 7 lbs 0 oz.

We are trying not to get our hopes up, but we think that Brody might be home by the end of this week. He is really starting to eat very well. We haven't spoke to the neurosurgeon yet about what he will let Brody do, but we think that he will let him come home!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Please Eat

We are all doing so wonderful. Getting bigger every day. They all three got their hearing exams today and PASSED. One less thing to worry about. I wasn't real worried about their hearing, but you never know.

So Brandon and I went to Santa Fe this weekend, just to hang out. We had an absolute blast. We stayed in a nice hotel on the plaza and we ate at my favorite restaurant, the Bull Ring. It was so wonderful, so thank you honey for taking me to Santa Fe. I love you!!!

The babies are all doing great, but we are having problems eating all our food from the bottle. Savannah did very well for about 24 hours and then she just went down hill. She barely will finish half a bottle at every feed. Cheyenne was a late bloomer, but she is doing better now. She can have two bottles per shift, so that is 4 bottles, and she has been doing good. We had a very bad feeding today at 2, 2:30, and 3. Savannah and Cheyenne would hardly eat so we ending up giving their feeds through the tube and stink bug Brody keep having brady's. Brody is doing the best (right now) on eating. This is it! All we are waiting for is to take the tube out of their noses and they are coming home. I want a day! I am so anxious I am driving myself crazy.

We have some "big" babies now. All of them are over 5lbs. Brody is a monster, he weighs 6lbs 8.3oz. Cheyenne has surpassed her sister and she weighs 5lbs 3ozs. And finally Savannah weighs 5lbs 0.3oz.

Friday, July 6, 2007

2 months old

Almost home!

Everyday we get a little closer to bringing our babies home. They are all doing very well. Savannah will probably be the first to come home, but Cheyenne and Brody won't be far behind. We are hoping by the end of next week that we will have Savannah home.

Savannah, you are almost there. You are eating on your own almost every time now, and you are still off your oxygen. You have to have five days in a row without any spells, and eat every time on your own for 2 days straight to be able to come home. We thought you were going to start eating every time yesterday because you had ate all day on your own, but then through the night you didn't eat all your food, so they had to finish feeding you through your feeding tube. It won't be long though!

Cheyenne, your still on oxygen, but you are on a very small setting. You finally ate an entire bottle on your own and soon the doctors will let you try to eat on your own more often. You have been gaining weight very well. You actually passed your sister the other day. You are 4 lbs 13 oz, and Savannah is 4 lbs 11 oz. It wont be long until you both hit that 5 lbs mark.

Brody, you have packed it on in the last couple of weeks. You are now 6 lbs 3 oz. WOW! You are eating very well too. You are up to getting to eat on your own 3 times a day, and you usually eat the whole thing. Your oxygen setting is at the lowest it can go, so maybe you will be off the oxygen very soon. The doctors did an ultrasound again and said that everything still looks good in your little head. You will have to come home with your reservoir, but its not permanent.

We are so excited that we are getting so close to coming home with our babies. They all are so alert now and are just checking everything out. Savannah was awake for about an hour and a half yesterday while she was getting fed, and we loved to watch her reactions to us. We have also decided to have a golf tournament for the babies. We will have it at Arroyo Del Oso Golf Course here in Albuquerque. We haven't set an exact date yet, but it will probably be the end of September. It will just be a fun day and the more people we have the better. So start getting your teams (4 person) together and I will have a date set very soon. We want everyone to come!

Monday, July 2, 2007


Everyday we are getting closer to having our babies home. They are all doing great. Its me that is not doing so good. I am so ready to be out of the hospital. Our biggest task right now is getting the babies to take all their feedings by a bottle. Savannah and Brody are taking three bottles a day and Cheyenne is barely taking a few sips once a day. Savannah and Cheyenne have been taken off their caffine but Brody still has spells now and then so they won't take him off just yet. Brody and Cheyenne are both still needing a little O2, but not enough to prevent them from coming home. I will take them home on a little oxygen if I need to, but hopefully they will not need it by the time they get the feedings down.

I kinda had a break down a couple of days ago. I was feeding Brody and he was not wanting to eat. They are so awake when I pick them up to give them the bottle and then when I put them in my arms to feed they fall asleep. So I was trying to feed Brody, Brody was trying to go to sleep and I had to take a walk. I cried and cried because I just want them to come home. I was telling Brody, "don't you want to come home?" I know its not like he's not eating to prolong this but I just got so frustrated. I love these babies more than anything and I am ready to be their mommy. I feel like I am secondary to the nursing staff and it hurts. I want them to wear what I put on them, I want to give them their baths, and I want them to eat for me.

Enough venting for one day. I am so happy with progresses they have made and the weight they have gained. Here is what they weighed last night:

Brody - 5lbs 11oz
Savannah - 4lbs 10oz
Cheyenne - 4lbs 9oz