Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Sister, My Best Friend

My sister, Amber, is the most wonderful person I know. She and I have been sisters my whole life, and we've been best friends for that long to (we just didn't always know it.) She has been the greatest second mommy to my triplets, and she has wanted a baby of her own for years. On Monday, Febuary 23, 2009 she became a mommy at 12:59pm. Her little man, Justin Dean (JD), weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20 3/4 inches long. She is going to be a great Mommy, and Larry is going to be a wonderful Daddy.

Congratulations Sis!!!! I love you more than words could ever describe, and I am so proud to be your sister.

Larry, I couldn't have asked for a better brother in law than you. You are such a great man for my sister, and JD couldn't have gotten a better Daddy!! I love you!

My precious little Justin, I am so excited to be your Auntie and so very happy that you are in our family, and I know that you have made the sun shine brighter for your parents. You are a very loved little boy, and I can't wait to get to know you, and give you tons and tons of hugs and kisses. Your cousins are looking forward to meeting you, too. We love you and welcome to the world!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eating Time

Feeding time has always been an adventure around here, but I thought it would get easier. I WAS WRONG. Breakfast, lunch, snack time, and dinner are all the same around here, "don't throw your food to the dogs," "don't put your plate on your head," "don't steal you sister's food," "eat your food don't play with it," "get your feet off the table," and "stop picking your nose and trying to give me your boogers and eat your food!"

We eat 4 times a day at the table so this seems like it happens all day long, and it is driving me crazy!

Maybe I put them up to the table to soon, but I think they are big enough and old enough to eat at the table. Clean up is not so much fun, lol.

Monday, February 2, 2009

21 Months Old

Sometimes I just think I am going to stop blogging all together because I can't seem to keep up. But then I remember that I am doing this for my babies and not for me or whoever may still check in every once in awhile.

Tomorrow Savannah, Cheyenne, and Brody will be 21 months old. I can't believe we are already thinking about what we are going to do for the 2nd birthday. They are such wonderful kiddos and I am the luckiest mommy in the world.

Brody has become a huge mommy's boy. He wants me all the time and even if he doesn't want me he doesn't want his sisters to have any mommy time. He throws the biggest fits of the bunch and he is the biggest bully. He wants the toy that Savannah has at all times and if he can't steal Savannah's he will go for Cheyenne's. He has also become my biggest cuddle bug. He will wrap every part of his body around mine and just squeeze, I love it.

Cheyenne is gaining more independence every single day. Do you remember when this little girl refused to crawl and wouldn't have a thing to do with anyone but mommy and daddy? Well now she is on the go and she loves playing with her Bubba and Sister. She loves to talk and she pronounces everything she tries to say so well. She doesn't really attempt words that she doesn't think she can say, but she has so much fun scream "MOMMY" "DADDY" over and over and over again. Her personality has evolved so much in the last couple of months. She's a dancer! She dances all the time and sings along with every song that comes on. They all dance together and hold hands, its so freakin cute. I will have to get it on video so I can show it to the world. Oh and Cheyenne started doing happy feet. She will do it all day if I ask her to. I have that on video but I don't know how to download it to this computer.

Savannah is my character. This little monkey makes the funniest faces and gestures that make me laugh so hard I cry. She eats like she's the size of Brody, but she has gained less than 2lbs in the past 4 months. She is the one with a security blanket that she most have at all times. I was hoping she would take one of the blankets a loved one made for her, but she loves her crib blanket. Luckily I have 3 of the same blanket so I can switch them out to wash them, lol.

We are all ready for the winter to be over so we can get out of this house. They fight A LOT and there are many days I want hide under my pillow and cry, but we are all healthy and for the most part hart :)

Here's some pictures.......