Friday, October 10, 2008

Balloon Fiesta

My sister, Amber, dragged us to the balloon fiesta this year. At first I really didn't want to go, but we had a great time. I think this will be something we do every single year. I have lived in New Mexico my whole life and this is the first year I made it to the balloon fiesta. Last night was the special shape balloons and the babies thought it was amazing. They really had a great time.

Look at Brody looking at that cracker :) Brody is such a handful! He is so friendly and he loves everyone, especially grandpas. Every time I turned around he was making friends with an older man (like 70s and 80s), it was really cute but scary at the same time. I am going to have to get a leash because I couldn't ever relax in fear one of my precious angels would disappear.

Look at these balloons, aren't they awesome. They were a bit overwhelming at first, but it was so neat to see them all blown up and glowing. Cheyenne and Brody were completely in awe with it, but Savannah was ready to get the heck out of there. She didn't like the noise of it all.

Brody and Cheyenne just sat there and watched as they crews got their balloons spread out. I also just thought this was a great picture!

I will probably always refer to these 3 as my babies, but they really are growing up. They walked all over that field. Amber and I were so freakin tired when we got home. I think they talk to each other in their secret language and tell each other to go in separate directions. We got home last night and thought we were going to die, but of course we didn't and I even stayed up until midnight playing wii.

Guess who loved this balloon....... Savannah. Yeah, she didn't like being out there much after they balloons where up, but when she saw the monkey she started blowing it kisses.

How cute is this balloon?

Grass hasn't always been a good thing around here, actually its been a problem. But now that they wear shoes and they don't have to feel the grass they love it. Brandon got the backyard cleaned up and little play yard put up in the back, and it is such a life saver. I still don't know what we are going to do when it gets too cold to go outside.

This is what we looked like most of the day. All we did was run after the babies, pick them up, and bring them back to where we were sitting. It was a great day that I will always remember and I am so glad that Auntie Amber asked us to go.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Toys Toys Toys

Anther toy to join our cluster here in toddler land. There will be a day when I have a living room again I just know it. I think they get so tired of their toy s and I don't know what to do about it. I spend too much money on clothes to start buying a new toy every week. I think there should be a toy exchange program. You know where you take the toys and exchange them with a neighbor who's toddlers are tired of the toys they have. They love balls and what better way to keep them entertained than with 150 balls in a blow up toy. I have balls all over the house now and they try to stick them any where they might fit.

And then there is the trash that comes with the toys.... that keeps them entertained for a while. Actually Savannah wanted nothing to do with the balls, but she played with the trash for about an hour :) That's what I could do is just keep all the boxes and packaging materials from all the toys we buy to help keep them happy. We wouldn't look like a day care anymore, we would look like a garbage dump. I do keep some of the boxes around for a couple of days if they seem to be interested in them at the time. They usually end up in the garbage when we have WWIII over it.

Brody is a handful! He was such an easy baby, but that is not the story now. He has to have his way or its no way. He throws the biggest tantrums if one of the girls takes a toy or if I have to take something from him that he shouldn't be playing with. Just look at that little face..... he is gonna be trouble.

Cheyenne on the other hand was such a trying baby. She had to be held all the time and she screamed for what I felt was no reason at all. She is now the most calm and easy going little girl. She has almost a full mouth of teeth which I thinks helps her be calm. Brody and Savannah are still trying to break their molars, but Cheyenne has had them for a while now. The only time she is pretty needy is if there is someone around that she doesn't know.

Savannah is my Rock Star! I have said that since she was kickin me like crazy in my belly. She still is my little rock star. She loves her little sunglasses and she carries them with her all the time. She just figured out how to put them on herself and she loves it. She has a lot of skin problems right now and we can't figure out if its something she is allergic to or if it is eczema. I am taking her to the Dr in the morning to get them to take a look at it. It started as a little spot on her arm and then she started getting it on her checks. Well now it is all over her face, chin, checks, and eyelids. She even has a little bit on her back. I hope its not something that is going to be with her for life. My mom and grandma have really bad skin problems and it is just miserable for them.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Golf Tournament

I am going to go play golf today! I am pretty excited about getting out in the sun before it gets cold, but I am very nervous too. I haven't played golf in a year and I have never left the babies (awake) with a babysitter for this long. I'm sure everything will be ok, but my stomach is in knots right now.

Anyway, we are having a golf tournament for the babies again this year. Last year we had a fundraiser and it helped us out a lot, but this year we are putting all the money back into prizes. We are putting this tournament on to celebrate the life of the Triplets and to bring everyone together for a little fun. If you are interested in playing please email me at and I will send you all the info.