Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring is HERE!!

Oh how I love spring!!! The weather is beautiful, the birds are chirping, and all the window is in my house are open. It is so bright in here with all the windows open. The babies are wearing spring clothes so they can finally play with their toes. What a wonderful season this is, my favorite of all. I really hate cold and winter and I think that is why spring is my favorite time of the year. I love living in New Mexico when spring time comes around. I sure am glad I don't live in Alaska anymore. I remember this time of year when my dad would be playing golf in shorts and I was still wearing a parka, plugging in my car, and praying for the days it would be warm again.

My sister, Amber, came over to hang out with me and the babies yesterday and we ended up going to the park. They just built a cute little park right behind my house that just opened in October so we went to check it out. The babies did great and I think they actually had a lot of fun.... probably not as much fun as mommy and auntie had, but they enjoyed themselves. We took loads of pictures so I have posted tons. Enjoy!!!

I posted twice today because I hadn't gotten the Easter pictures on here yet so keep scrolling down to see them all pretty in their Easter outfits. Thank you Kelli ;)

Brody and Savannah with their hats on

Savannah and Brody swinging. They both really liked it.

Cheyenne wouldn't wear her sunglasses but she loved playing with them.

Savannah and Brody swinging

I needed a video camera for this one. Amber took Savannah down this slide and got stuck. I told her I would have got stuck going down that little slide but she had to try it.

Amber found a slide they could go down.

It sure dowsn't look like Savannah liked it..... don't really know if she did.

Brody liked to swing

He looks so serious..... or mad.

Cheyenne in her huge hat

Savannah looking cool in her shades.

OK I got a lot of pictures of Brody swinging

Me and Cheyenne swinging together

Aunt Amber and Savannah

Me and Cheyenne

Me and Brody

Me with all three babies

Aunt Amber with the babies

Happy Easter

A little late is better than never ;) We didn't do anything for Easter this year. Brandon, me and the babies just hung around the house and had some "us" time. It was actually pretty nice.

I have a friend that I meet on the triplet connection who had her triplets on the exact same day we had our babies. Its pretty nice to talk to someone who is going through pretty much the exact same things as we are. Anyway she sent us some very nice Easter outfits and so here are those pictures....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's been a while...

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have just been super busy lately.

Cheyenne is being so needy right now. I thought she was getting better, but she has to have my full attention at all times. I am kinda at a point where I don't know if I should take her to see a doctor. She sleeps great, she eats great, and she seems to be healthy, but for some reason she cries all the time. I have to hold her 90% of the time she is awake and when I don't hold her she cries to the point where it seems that she can't breath. I just don't know what to do. She did suck from a straw today which was pretty cool. She always takes my drinks and plays with the straw in her mouth but today she actually sucked and got her first taste of Dr. Pepper.

Savannah is doing great. She is the happiest little girl in the world. She hardly ever cries, except at night when its time to go to sleep. She is still on the mission to be the first to crawl, but she hasn't accomplished it yet. She moves backwards and she rocks a lot but she still hasn't actually crawled. What she is doing is pushing herself up from the laying flat position. She loves to roll around and pivots in the sitting - rolling positions. She is moving along and I still think it will be any day now that she will be on the move.

Brody is getting up on his knees. He is doing so wonderful and he is still just a happy baby, but he needs to sleep better during the day. He is saying mama, dada, and baba. I still haven't heard anything from the doctor about his head. Just a little reminder.... we went to see the neurosurgeon on Janurary 22nd for a follow up appointment and he didn't have any of his ultrasound images from when he was in the NICU so Brandon went to Presbytarian to get a cd and took it to UNM. Well we didn't hear anything for a few weeks so I called the nurse and she said she hadn't seen the cd and would check with the dr and call me back... another couple weeks go by and still nothing so I call the dr and leave a message and NOTHING. I haven't heard back from them at all. Brandon is going to go to Presbytarian tomorrow and get another cd made and take it to the clinic again. It is pretty frustrating to say the least. I think he his doing fine, but his ventricles are still large and if something happens to him because this doctors office is inefficent I am going to be extremely upset.

I have been slacking on the picture taking as much as I have on the blogging. I haven't taken any pictures since the last ones I posted, but as soon as I do I will post them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10 Months Old

Wow.... I can't believe my babies are 10 months old. They are doing so great it is unbelievable and amazing. We have early intervention specialists and therapists who come to the house and work with the babies on their milestones. We have an occupational therapist that comes over every Tuesday for an hour, we have a developmental specialist that comes over ever Friday for an hour, and a message therapist that comes over every other week for two hours. Sounds like a lot and it feels like a lot at times also, but that is all coming to a halt. We just got set up to add a physical therapist to the chaos, but our occupational therapist recommended on Tuesday that we change to once a month. She predicted that they could be caught up to their actual age by August. She thinks they are doing very very well. So I am going to have the physical therapist come over on the 18th of March and get her opinion on how often we need them to come out. They will be enrolled in the early intervention program until they are three and as of right now we qualify for every program they have because of how early the babies were. I just want what is best for the babies. Honestly it would be nice to not have them come over if they don't need to.

So Cheyenne has a third tooth. She has three bottom teeth now, but no teeth on top. Savannah and Brody have two top and two bottom. I thought Cheyenne was just reverting back to her old ways, but Brandon saw that third tooth on the bottom so hopefully she will be in a better mood for a couple of days. :)

They are all getting so smart and it is fun to watch them "work" at playing with their toys. They are getting so much better at it. The girls finally started jumping in the the jumper that Brody has loved since he was 4 months old and they are understanding why he thought it was so much fun. Brody has started clapping his hands!!! He did it for the first time last night and this morning he has been clapping at everything. I can't explain how much fun it is to be doing something new everyday.

Here are the babies 10 month pictures:

Saturday, March 1, 2008


SAVANNAH SAYS OOOOOHHH!!! (Cheyenne crying in the background is normal around here)