Sunday, September 23, 2007

We've come a long way

The babies are amazing. I haven't written in a while because I don't have a lot of time and I really don't know what to say. They are doing great. Gaining weight and growing. They cry a lot and feeding time is frustrating, but everytime they smile it makes it all worth it.





Friday, September 7, 2007

Long nights

So here it is 5:30 in the morning and I haven't gotten any sleep tonight. On Thursdays I go bowling and Brandon stays home with the babies (isn't he a wonderful husband). Well I never get enough sleep, but Thursdays are the worst. All the babies got their 4 month shots and didn't do so well. All of them got fevers around 100 degrees and all are very fussy. Well it is getting better, but something was sure wrong with Ms Savannah tonight. She was just screaming and I could not get her comfortable. I tried everything! I was hoping the pedi would start them on some ceral or something to help them sleep longer through the night, but it didn't happen. They want us to wait until they are 6 months old. I have three more months of them waking up ever 3-4 hours.

I tried to post some pictures, but something is wrong with my computer. I will try again soon.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

It 's been a month...

I really have a hard time finding the time to get online. I am busy busy busy!!! The babies are doing very well. We are just eating and growing. My mom was here for a month and I thought I was busy then. She left last Saturday and this past week was HARD. I made it, barely, but I made it. Thank heavens for family because without them I don't know what I would do. So real fast I want to say a special I love you to Amber, Larry, Misti, Tiada, and Jenasea. Aunts and Uncles are so important to these little angels and to Brandon and I.

Last night I got 13 hours of sleep. Yes you read that right. We decided to take the babies to Grammy and Grandpa's house. I decided I was going to take a "nap" at 6pm and I got to sleep until 7am this morning. I woke up at midnight and went to check on the babies and Brody and Savannah were asleep in the pack n play and Cheyenne was cuddled up with Auntie Tiada. Grammy was asleep on the couch. It was really cute and so nice of them. So I feel like a brand new woman this morning.

We have been going to the dr at least once a week for some reason or another, but we are doing ok. All the babies are off the oxygen and doing great on room air. Cheyenne is still having to get her eyes checked every two weeks. Her right eye is mature with no ROP, but her left eye is immature with stage 2 ROP. The dr said he doesn't think it will get worse, but since it isn't mature yet it could go either way. Have I said how much I hate taking her to the eye doctor?

This past week was the first week we didn't have a doctor appointment for any of them, but we still got to go see a doctor. I changed Brody's diaper Tuesday morning and he had a huge blister down there. I thought I wasn't changing him enough or something, but then Wednesday morning I changed him and he had two clusters of blister about an inch above the other one. So I called the doctor and they told us to come in. The doctor thinks its a staff infection so he did a culture and started him on an antibiotic. He seems to be doing fine and he hasn't had a fever or anything. We go back to the dr on Tuesday for their 4mo check up and shots. So we will find out more about the infection then.

Savannah is doing great. She is our little drama queen. She must be held at all times or she screams her head off. All together we are all doing wonderful. Tomorrow is their 4mo birthday so I will post pictures then.