Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brody is Crawling!

Ok well he's been crawling for a while now, but finally took more than 3 "steps" forward. We have tile in our house and he HATES it. He will not crawl on the tile. We took him over to friends house on Sunday and when he got on the carpet he took off. So we got our new floor in and he loves it. He still low crawls a lot, but he will actually crawl on his hands and knees on the foam floor. I think all three of them are really enjoying it. Cheyenne like the cushion on her booty :)

Here's what it looks like....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Just Wednesday?!?

Well this has not been a very good week. I love my tv and more important I LOVE TiVo, but since we have had the babies there isn't a whole lot of t.v. watching around here. We may sit down after the babies go to bed and watch one or two of our recorded shows, but since we don't get to watch it often I have a lot of shows recorded and ready to be watched.... WELL I should say HAD a lot of shows recorded because our DVR has died and the last resort was to completely reset it so all of my shows are gone! This is the week that Grey's Anatomy comes back on too so i am going to have to watch in on our little tv in the bedroom :( Now I know there I worse things in the world but its just not cool.

Not only did our DVR break this week but our garage door is all jacked up too. We are probably going to have to replace it and who knows how much that is going to cost. We have someone coming in to look at today and hopefully they can just fix it, but I really doubt it.

Enough about that stuff .... off to the fun stuff. The babies are doing great! They are just moving and grooving all over the house. Well Brody and Savannah are, but little miss Cheyenne is staying put. We have ordered some foam flooring to put in the living room instead of carpet. They say its water proof so we are going to give it a shot with Lady. I just can't give her away without trying to make this situation work. So I am going to gate off the living room at night because I really think that is when she is peeing in there and I am going to put them outside during the day. I hope this works because I really don't want to loose her. We have also decided that we are going to rent a storage room and clear as much stuff out of the house as possible. The babies have taken over and honestly that is alright with me. We are going to completely clean out the guest bedroom and make it into the playroom and like I said before we are putting foam flooring in the living room, well its pink, purple and blue. We are really wanting to move into a bigger house and start this process there, but until we find something we like and can afford we are going to have to make this work.

So here are some pictures of the three little angels. This first picture was taken to get a picture to put on the front of their birthday invitations.

Brody is weighing almost 23lbs now so we went ahead and got him upgraded on his car seat. He liked it a lot because he could actually see what was going on. We bought the girls theirs too but we haven't started using them yet. This is what we do every weekend we just load up the truck and go for a ride around town.

This past Sunday we decided we should go to the Zoo, so we did. We had a great time, but the babies really couldn't see a whole lot in their strollers. I do think they really enjoyed it, I know mom and dad had a great time.

Just Beautiful! The Polar bears were my favorite this time because they were the ones out and being most active and they are just amazing animals.

Gammy and Grandpa got the babies the choo choo wagon for their birthday and they love it. We got it a little early and the day it arrived we took it out for a spin. They had a blast, even Cheyenne!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To have or not have animals...

So before I had babies I always saw my animals as my "kids". I am a 100% animal lover and completely believe that once you bring an animal in your home you must love them, care for them, and be responsible for them for the remainder of their precious lives. At the moment I have 3 dogs and no cats. I have Lady who is a 10 year old cocker spaniel, Bear is a 7 year old pomeranian, and Angel who is around 5 or 6 is a mini pincher. Angel has been here for a littl over a week... she just wondered up to the door and kinda made herself at home. I REFUSE to take any animal to the pound regardless of the situation so I have been feeding her, I took her to the vet to see if she had a chip and she doesn't and we've been checking the newspaper for lost dog ads. I will keep her as long as she needs a home and as long as she doen't endanger my children or other dogs. One of my dreams is to be able to open up a rescue for lost/unwanted animals.

Anyway my heart is breaking right now because we are going to have to find Lady a new home. She has always had a problem with peeing on the floor and that is why we have tile throughout our house, but since the babies have started crawling we needed some padding on the floor. Brandon went to home depot and bought a piece of carpet for $70 and we got to use it for a total of 12 days. We probably shouldn't of even been on it that long but I didn't notice that Lady was peeing on it until I stepped on a wet spot. I turned the carpet over to see if it was pee and OMG she had probably peed 10-15 times on that carpet. So there went $$$ down the drain and we just can't replace a rug or carpet ever other day and the babies have to be able to get on the floor and play. Do you see the dilema I am in? I love this dog, but we can't live this way.

Savannah and Brody are getting around very well these days. Brody still isn't crawling but he can low crawl just as fast as Savannah crawls. Brody always goes for the TV and Savannah always heads off to the kitchen. (we have gates ordered but they haven't arrived yet) So yesterday I was playing with them all on the floor and Cheyenne started crying and Brody was trying to pull the DVR off the stand and I was juggling them when I realized that Savannah had wandered off. I found her in the kitchen with the dog food bowl on her lap and dog food in her mouth, lol. Thank God she didn't choke on it!

Friday, April 11, 2008

11 Month Pictures

I finally got the dang pictures to download. Here are the babies 11 Month Pictures, FINALLY.

Here are few bonus pictures of the babies just hanging out on the living room floor.

This is how we feed 3 babies at once. Look at daddy feeding his babies! He is so wonderful!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Savannah is Fine

Sorry it has taken me so long to update, but everything is fine. Savannah's EEG came back normal and the doctor said that its probably just her developing brain that is making her "twitch."

Brody got his first haircut today and it is so cute. He did very well sitting still, well as good to be expected of an 11 month old baby. I still haven't gotten their 11 month b-day pictures downloaded but her are a couple of Brody's new do...

I can't believe how blond he is!! When he was born he had a full head of jet black hair, lol.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Ugh!!! I can't get the pictures to download on my computer. I don't know what the heck is wrong with it. I am still trying and as soon as I can figure it out there will be more pics.

Just a heads up for all our friends and family ..... we are planning on having a birthday party for the babies on the May 3rd. I could use some help with addresses. Please e mail me your address so I can get invitations out this week. My email address is tripleblessed@gmail.com.

The babies are doing great. Savannah is all over the place and Brody isn't far behind. We are going to the doctor tomorrow for Savannah for her EEG. Poor baby has to be sleep deprived so I have to wake her up at 4am and keep her awake until the appointment at 7:15am. We have the follow up appointment with the neurologist at 10:30am so I will update as soon as I can.

Happy Monday and I hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

11 Months Old

Today the babies are 11 months old. I can't believe that in one month they will turn 1. It has really gone by so fast. I remember being in the NICU and thinking that the babies would never be home and that time was moving in slow motion. That is definitely not the case these days. Time is flying by these days, and sometimes I just want to freeze time in this moment.

Happy 11 Month Birthday Savannah, Cheyenne and Brody!!! I love you so much.

I will try to post some pictures later this afternoon. Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Savannah FiNaLLy Crawled

Oh wow!!! I thought she was never going to crawl, but today is the day she finally figured it out. She is doing amazing and she is just going all over the place. Brody just started getting on all fours and rocking like Savannah has been doing for almost 2 months and I thought he will probably crawl before her. I think she heard me say that so she had to prove me wrong. Which I am so glad she did.

Ohhhh this is so much Fun!!!!!

So Brody's neurosurgeon finally called us back and he said everything is fine. He doesn't need to start treatment and we don't have to go back and see him until Brody is 15 months old. He said he will want to do a MRI when Brody is 18 months old. So for right now we are all good and still don't need a shunt at this time. :)

I took Savannah to the pediatrician last week because she is doing this weird thing with her eyes. She shuts and closes them rapidly and then will squeeze them shut and open a few times in row. I really don't know how to explain it but it made me nervous. It kinda looks like she is having a hard time focusing, but we went to the eye doctor a couple of months ago and her eyes were great. I decided its better to be safe than sorry and she did have the brain bleeds when she was born. She had a grade 2 and a grade 3 when she was born and by the time we left the hospital the grade 2 had resolved and the grade 3 had resolved to a grade 1. Well the pediatrician decided to refer us to a pediatric neurological doctor to do some tests. So next Tuesday April 8th we have to go to the hospital to get an EEG done. I hate putting her through more tests, but its better to be safe than sorry. After the EEG we have the follow up appointment with the doctor so we won't have to play the waiting game. Poor baby has to be sleep deprived for the test so we have to wake her up a 4am and keep her up until they do the EEG. Please keep Savannah in you prayers.

Cheyenne is doing great. She has been a lot happier lately which makes the rest of us a lot happier. She screams (happy screams) all the time and it is so cute. I think I have a video on my phone I'll put it on here when I have more time.

Happy April Fools to everyone. This is NOT an April Fools post. Savannah DID crawl today!!!