Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Savannah FiNaLLy Crawled

Oh wow!!! I thought she was never going to crawl, but today is the day she finally figured it out. She is doing amazing and she is just going all over the place. Brody just started getting on all fours and rocking like Savannah has been doing for almost 2 months and I thought he will probably crawl before her. I think she heard me say that so she had to prove me wrong. Which I am so glad she did.

Ohhhh this is so much Fun!!!!!

So Brody's neurosurgeon finally called us back and he said everything is fine. He doesn't need to start treatment and we don't have to go back and see him until Brody is 15 months old. He said he will want to do a MRI when Brody is 18 months old. So for right now we are all good and still don't need a shunt at this time. :)

I took Savannah to the pediatrician last week because she is doing this weird thing with her eyes. She shuts and closes them rapidly and then will squeeze them shut and open a few times in row. I really don't know how to explain it but it made me nervous. It kinda looks like she is having a hard time focusing, but we went to the eye doctor a couple of months ago and her eyes were great. I decided its better to be safe than sorry and she did have the brain bleeds when she was born. She had a grade 2 and a grade 3 when she was born and by the time we left the hospital the grade 2 had resolved and the grade 3 had resolved to a grade 1. Well the pediatrician decided to refer us to a pediatric neurological doctor to do some tests. So next Tuesday April 8th we have to go to the hospital to get an EEG done. I hate putting her through more tests, but its better to be safe than sorry. After the EEG we have the follow up appointment with the doctor so we won't have to play the waiting game. Poor baby has to be sleep deprived for the test so we have to wake her up a 4am and keep her up until they do the EEG. Please keep Savannah in you prayers.

Cheyenne is doing great. She has been a lot happier lately which makes the rest of us a lot happier. She screams (happy screams) all the time and it is so cute. I think I have a video on my phone I'll put it on here when I have more time.

Happy April Fools to everyone. This is NOT an April Fools post. Savannah DID crawl today!!!


guinnf said...

Congrats on Brody. Email me before the MRI, so I can prepare you.

Prayers coming for Sav. Thanks for keeping us updated. Make sure you have the house baby proofed. Before you know it they will be into everything.

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets