Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missing my Babies

Wow! Has it really been almost three years since I meet these three precious babies. I haven't looked at this blog in a long time, but I have a friend who just had her baby 14 weeks early and it has brought back some memories. Please pray for my friend and her beautiful son, Brenyn. They are in for long NICU road and as good as these doctors are today I believe if it weren't for all the prayers we received we could have had different results.

My babies are really not babies anymore :( What are they now? Toddlers? Preschoolers? I don't know it's all too confusing for me. They will always be MY BABIES!!! I was just looking back at the pictures of last year and they look soooo different to me now. I am so glad I have some pictures on here because I put all my pictures on external hard drive and something is wrong with it. I think I have lost ALL my pictures from the NICU til a few months ago. It keeps telling me I need to format it???? I have no idea, but it makes me want to cry!!! I am going to take it to some computer place and see if they can at least get my pictures off of it before I toss it in the Rio Grande.