Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Brody no longer has hydrocephalus!!!!!

The doctor said that his brain looks great and he sees no damage from his hemorrhages. He believes that Brody will see no long term affects at all. We are going to leave in the reservoir because its safer than going in and having Brody put under to take it out. If Brody wants to have it taken out when he is older we can do that with just numbing it and it can be removed with Brody awake. We don't have to go back for any more scans or imaging unless we have problems in the future.

Brody is such a smart little guy and I am so happy today. He loves his sisters and he wants to hug and kiss them all the time. Here are a couple of pictures of Brody kissing Cheyenne and Savannah.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I was just looking at my little miracle this morning and thinking how lucky I am and how strong he is. This little man has had a very long journey to where we are today. He was born the baby of the family and he has had the hardest journey to heath. The picture above was right before we went to surgery for his hydrocephalus. We had his MRI done last week and tomorrow we are going in for the follow up appointment. I believe that we are going to get great news, but of course there is always worry. So please keep this little miracle in your prayers tonight and I will update tomorrow after the appointment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Has it really been a month. Ok well I am just not a great blogger, but I think I'll keep trying.

Nothing much new going on here. We have an MRI appointment Wednesday for Brody but we won't know anything until his follow up appointment next week.

We will just do some pictures today :)