Monday, June 15, 2009

It's been too long....

Since it has been a couple of months since I last posted we will start with some of the newer pictures. I take a million pictures so it is really hard to figure out which ones to post. I could post all of them but it would take forever and I'm really the only one who won't delete the picture of Brody's hand in the camera ;)

The pictures are not in order so I will explain each one.

This first picture was Mother's Day weekend when we got to Gammy and Grandpa's house. Grandpa made them fruit smoothies and they where enjoying every bit (that made it in their mouths).

The following three pictures are from their second birthday. Can you believe that I didn't even post on their birthday??? Well we just had a small bbq with some friends and family. We had a blast!

Brody Vance - May 3rd 2009

Savannah Raye - May 3rd 2009

Cheyenne Dawn - May 3rd 2009

Gammy and Grandpa live in Alamogordo which is about a three hour drive and we have made that trip a few times with the trio. The do pretty good in the car for 2 year olds. Thank God for the TVs in cars. They love to watch tv while we are driving. Their favorite movie right now is Kung Fu Panda so Daddy and I can pretty much quote the entire movie :)
Sleeping in the truck is a different story..... we don't have much luck with that. We always try to travel pretty close to nap time so the kids will sleep on the way. It has pretty much back fired on us each and every time, but we keep trying. There must be a better way. Hasn't someone invented a pillow or something for car seats so their heads won't fall forward???

Cheyenne is Miss Animal Planet. She loves all and every animal. This is what I cut her down to to travel to Grammy's house. Her crib is over flowing with stuffed animals, and she would have more if we would let her.

Sometimes we get lucky and these sibling actually get along. It actually happens a lot, but you seem to forget easier than all the fights. This is the most beautiful picture to me :)

Brody, Savannah, and Cheyenne on Mother's day. It is so hard to get pictures of them all together these days so it's a treasure when we capture a good one.