Monday, September 15, 2008

Along for the Ride

Load the truck, unload the truck, load the truck, unload the truck! That is what I think about every time we decide to go somewhere. It is a lot of work! The babies love riding in the truck, most of the time, but sometimes we have to play baby Einstein the entire time we are driving. Its enough to make someone go crazy. BUT we have been having so much fun getting out of the house and I am not ready for that to end. We took the babies out both days this weekend. Saturday we took them tailgating at the Lobo's football game and Sunday we went to a picnic. Last night I felt like I had ran a marathon and it was the first night I went to bed before ten and actually fell asleep fast. My point is that I LOVE getting out of the house with the babies and I am not ready for RSV season!