Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Special Treat

The kids received a special treat last night. Amber, Misty, Kelly, and Michele all went down after they ate dinner together and visited the kids. All three received a lot of attention and love. If anyone would like to visit, just give Michele or I a call and we would love for you to visit.

Savannah, we received wonderful news about you today. The doctors did another ultrasound on your head, and since the first ultrasound (you had a grade 2 on one side and a grade 3 on the other side) your body has done its job and absorbed the blood in your ventricles. You now only have a grade 1 on one side and the other you don't have anything anymore. You are doing well on your breathing too. The doctors have been able to go down on the amount of oxygen they give you everyday.

Brody, you almost made 4 lbs the other day, but now for the last couple you have actually lost a little, but not to fret, you will hit that mark before we know it. You are doing well on your breathing, and we still think you will be off the oxygen soon. The doctors did a cat scan on your head the other day and confirmed that you still might need a shunt put in place of the reservoir. Hopefully they will be wrong. Your mother and I don't want you to have to undergo any more surgeries, because we are afraid that it might set you back and you have been doing so well.

Cheyenne, you just amaze us! You were the last one to get put on the smaller CPAP (high flow nasal cannula) and now you are already on the same settings that your brother is on. You keep this kind of progress up and you might be the first one to get off the oxygen. You are also on the verge of hitting that 3 lbs mark. You are 2 lbs 15 oz, so keep it up.


Deanna said...

Hey guys! I'm hoping to be up in ABQ soon, but I will let you know for sure. I would love to be able to meet your little ones, see you again Brandon after all these years and met your beautiful wife. I will let you know. Take care. Your babies are doing wonderful, you guys are great parents!! :0)

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, that was the most amazing gift!! Thank you so much for letting me share your special time with the babies. They are all just beautiful and so much bigger than the last time I saw them. Cheyenne, you were very gracious for letting me hold you. You were so calm and beautiful. I could just look at your perfect little face for hours! Your brother and sister were also very good and just ready for bedtime. (although, Savannah had to give your Aunt Amber a hard time and kept wiggling out of her blanket and trying to yank her tubes out of her nose). Your Mom and Dad are very blessed with you three, and I can't wait to watch you grow, and get to know you as 3 individual little people. Keep up the good work, you're all doing amazing!

Kristi said...

I'm so glad to hear that the babies are all making such great progress. They are getting so big! I'll say an extra prayer that Brody won't have to have that shunt put in.
Keep up the good work babies!!!

Anonymous said...

God chose the right parents for His three little angels. Such loving, generous, and compassionate people.