Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One year ago ...

We are all starting to feel better. It has been a very long month with three sick babies.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Last year at this time I was waiting by the phone to get that wonderful news that I was pregnant. It has been such a long journey, but so worth it. Last year we had Thanksgiving at my house so my sister and I were shopping on the day before. I was so nervous and anxious to hear the results of my pregnancy test. I was so scared that my nurse was going to call and so "sorry it didn't work." Brandon and Larry were here at the house and Amber and I had gone to her house to pick up some things when my cell phone rang. On the other end my nurse said, "your pregnant." Amber was sitting on the end of the coach and she could hear and we just both started crying. That was the best phone call ever. I called Brandon and told him and he sent a text message to everyone in his phone. (so much for waiting until the 2nd trimester to tell everyone) Going through in-vitro was the hardest thing we have ever done. I got so sick and Brandon was so scared. But this day one year ago made it all worth it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know we will.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving you have so much to look forward too and I am so happy for you


Anonymous said...

Oh what a year you have had. Full of unbelieveable joys and dramatic lows, and in the end, you have 3 wonderful angels to love. You have the support of your family. You have the blessings of God and his Guardian Angels watching over you all. I'm glad everyone is feeling better now. I have been showing everyone the babies' picture that Amber sent me. The adventures are just beginning. Enjoy everyone of them. Happy Thanksgiving!
In His Love,