Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brody is being transferred

Brody, you are being transferred to Presbyterian tomorrow to have a reservoir put into your little head. This is going to help with the fluid in your ventricles of your brain, which is causing them to swell. The doctors have been doing spinal taps to help draw the fluid out, but have not been able to get enough out. This is a common procedure, and it is not permanent. As soon as your body takes over and starts absorbing the fluid on its own they will be able to take it out. The reason they are transferring you is because the only pediatric neurosurgeon works for Presbyterian, but as soon as they get done they will transfer you back to UNMH to be with your sisters.

Cheyenne, you are still doing well on CPAP, and we don't expect you to have to go back on the ventilator, but on this road you just never know. So keep feeding well and soon you will be big enough not to need any of those tubes.

Savannah, you are getting to hang out mom this afternoon. You have been doing better today; you haven't had as many spells. Maybe soon you will be able to try the short prongs again and we can get rid of that big ugly head piece that covers up your beautiful face.

All three of you are going to get through this very soon, and we can't wait for the day you all get to come home. We love you so much.


Vicki Price said...

Even though we are cousins and I haven't seen you Michelle since you were small...I want you to know, you, your husband and those precious babies are in our prayers, let Aunt Deen and Uncle Dale know if there is anything we can or need to do.
Love You,