Monday, May 28, 2007

Test after Test!

We have had a couple of good days, and only a couple of bumps along the way. Brody is still at Presbyterian, and we don't know how long it will be before they are all three together again. Each hospital is trying to get the kids, and we really don't care which one they are in just as long as they are together. Its hard enough for them to be in the hospital but for us to have to split our time between the two is really starting to wear on us.

Brody, you have been doing good since your surgery. The doctors said the you had an infection, because the fluid they pulled out during the surgery had some bacteria in it. So they gave you some antibiotics and now your fluid doesn't have any bacteria. The doctors think that if you did have an infection; the antibiotics took care of it. You are still on the ventilator, but are coming down on your settings. So soon you will go back on your CPAP prongs. They are going up on your feeds every 12 hours, and you are gaining weight. We think you will be the first one to reach the 3 lbs mark, but your sisters have been on full feeds for the last week while you had surgery so they are starting to catch you in weight.

Savannah, you have been doing very well. They have been going down on your CPAP settings so soon we hope they will try to use the short prong CPAP. These little steps you are making get us closer and closer to bringing you and your siblings home.

Cheyenne, even though you are the littlest; you are the fighter. You go up and down because you fight so hard, but your little body just can't keep up. The doctors were afraid you also had an infection so they tested you by taking a spinal tap to make sure it wasn't meningitis. Thank God that the preliminary reviews were negative. We should know more in a couple of days, but for now they don't think you have any thing. You are feeding well like Savannah and are gaining weight everyday. They still have you on the ventilator, but you have come down on your settings. It wont be long before you are back on CPAP.

You three little angels are so wonderful, and we love you sooooooo much.!


Stacey said...

Well KIDS I have takin quite a liking to you because fighters like us are one of a kind! I am praying for all of you, I know you will be fine, from the start each of you have shown your will to live and I know all of you will be home safe and sound with your parents. Never give up and one day when you look back on all this you will see I was right about you all along!!
I love you Lane Family