Thursday, May 31, 2007

What a Month!!!

Its been 4 weeks today, and you three are doing very well. Looking back on your first month; I can't believe that it has already been 4 weeks, but on the other hand it seems like it took forever. All the ups and downs that we have gone through have been very hard emotionally, and hopefully we start having more ups than downs. We have had 4 consistent good days. All three of you are finally off the ventilator, and you all are at full feeds.

Savannah, you are our little rock. While you where in mommy's tummy, we all ways said that you we going to be the strongest of the three because you had to hold up your brother and sister for those 7 months, and now you are proving it. You have been the most consistent so far. Even though you have had your ups and downs, you have been the one the last couple of weeks who has been feeding so well and stayed off the ventilator. You are gaining weight everyday and we can't wait for you to hit that 3 lbs mark. Today, you and your sister got to be together again in mommy's arms. Cheyenne didn't get to stay with you very long, but you where all very happy. Your momma loves getting to hold each of you, but would hold all three of you if she could!

Cheyenne, you are still struggling with your breathing, but you still did very well your first day back on CPAP. Your gaining weight too. You finally got to 1200 grams. Keep growing and soon you wont have those breathing problems anymore.

Brody, you are back on CPAP too. At Presbyterian they don't use the big breathing tubes like they do at UNMH; they use the short prongs like you where on before you went into surgery. So we got to see your face today because it wasn't being block by those big tubes. You got mad at your momma today because while you where sleeping she tried to give you a pacifier and woke you up; you made sure she knew you weren't happy about it!

We are still not sure what is going to happen about getting you all back together, but hopefully it will be very soon. Its killing us to have to split our time between you guys. You all are so beautiful! We love you so much!


Anonymous said...

It has been so wonderful having you 3 little angels in our lives. You may not be home for us to hold and love the way we want, but that doesn't matter. You are all so beautiful, and such little miracles.. just having you grip my finger, or watching your eyes flutter, or the almost smiles around your feeding tubes, while I'm talking to you and telling you how much I love you, just makes me soooo happy! Your mommy and daddy have so much love to give, and are so strong! This hasn't been an easy road for them, or those of us that love them, and you! Keep growing and getting stronger every day so we can have you home! I love you all so much!
Aunt Amber

Anonymous said...

God is watching over you all.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like they are just progressing so much. The new pictures are adorable. I am so happy for you guys and wish for more and more great days to come! You are in my family's prayers.

Jen Cutler